OMRA has always done the hands-on work of providing housing to refugee families. We also see the need to join with others to partner and advocate for change.

The costs of rental housing have increased very rapidly in Ottawa over the last ten years and the housing market is extremely tight, especially for low income families. Many refugee families now live for many months in shelters. There are signs that the federal and municipal governments are attempting to address the situation, but the particular needs of refugees are often not taken into account. 

Refugees cannot succeed in Ottawa without access to safe, affordable housing.

OMRA partners with other like-minded, non-profit organizations to understand the obstacles to affordable housing in Ottawa, to look for solutions and to identify opportunities for joint advocacy. Our advocacy efforts involve maintaining current information on housing policies and regulations, identifying and meeting with key decision-makers, sharing information with groups such as Refugee 613’s Task Force on Housing, and supporting targeted advocacy actions. OMRA does not engage in partisan political activities.

If you are interested in learning more about OMRA’s advocacy efforts, please feel free to contact us.