Get Involved

There are two ways that you can get involved:

Grocery Card Program

Tax Deductible Donations

Grocery Card Program

OMRA raises funds for our activities primarily through our grocery card program in conjunction with local congregations and groups of friends. We are always looking for new groups and individuals to get involved!

Here is how the grocery card program works: OMRA buys grocery cards from Farm Boy, Metro and Loblaws. Grocery cards come in denominations of $50 and $100.  The cards are sold to you at face value. So if you spend $100, you get $100 worth of grocery cards. You don’t pay any extra for your groceries. However, Farm Boy, Metro and Loblaws each pay between 4% and 5% of the value of the grocery cards to OMRA, which is how it supports its programs.

If you are interested in selling OMRA grocery cards to your own congregation or group, please feel free to contact us for more details.

Tax Deductible Donations to OMRA Shelter Corp

At the present time, OMRA is applying for Charitable status with the CRA. In the meantime, you can donate in one of the following two ways:

Donations through Glebe-St. James United Church: Glebe-St. James United Church will accept donations by debit and credit cards, and PayPal.  ( Enter the donation amount, and follow instructions.  Enter “GSJ Refugee Housing Fund” when you see this pencil icon:

Share your mailing address with Glebe-St. James United Church so they can acknowledge your donation. Also share your email address so that you can be contacted if there is any question as to what the donation is for.


Cheque Donations through Ottawa Mennonite Church: Address a cheque to Ottawa Mennonite Church and in the info line, designate funds to OMRA Shelter Corp. The church address is 1830 Kilborn Ave., Ottawa, K1H 6N4. To use the e-transfer method, use the email (No password is required. Make sure you put OMRA in the comments section.) Be sure to include your contact information to get a tax receipt at year end.

For further information about the grocery card program and donations, please contact Maria Rigby at